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29 November 2013

Watch The Best Man Holiday (2013) For free

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When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited annd their home.

Watch The Best Man Holiday (2013) For free

24 October 2013

You Should Know : What the Bible Says About Money (Shocking)

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Perhaps that can explain why, despite his uncanny ability to predict precise moves in the stock market, Sean is often laughed at for his unique stance on investing.

For example . . . a few months ago Sean appeared on Bloomberg Television. At that time, Best Buy (BBY) was dropping to all-time lows of $16 a share. Sean predicted the stock could go down to $11 a share, and would then quickly rebound to $25 per share, and after that would rally to $40 per share over the next year.

Another commentator on the show actually mocked Sean for his stance, saying “$40 on Best Buy? If that’s the case Apple (AAPL) is going to $1,500. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!” (Editor’s Note: At the time, Apple was trading at $650 per share).

Within a few weeks, Sean would receive the last laugh.

Best Buy dropped down to $11.20 a share and has since rebounded to $30 a share, continuing its path to $40 . . . exactly as Sean predicted. (Ironically, Apple has dropped down to about $400 per share).

During a recent private dinner with Sean, once he’d blessed the food, I wasted no time asking him what his secret is for investing so successfully.

I expected Sean to say that it was his years of experience at Charles Schwab or perhaps one of the complicated algorithms he uses for timing the stock market.

So when Sean responded that his secret to investing was the Bible, I was thoroughly shocked.

Yes, I knew Sean was a Christian (anyone who spends more than 1 minute with him will pick that up!). However, people usually keep their faith separate from things like . . . investing.

But not Sean.

For Sean, the Bible is his FOUNDATION for investing.

He explained to me how there is actually a “Biblical Money Code” woven into Scripture.

Sean says it is this Biblical Money Code that took him from making a mere $15,000 a year to now giving away up to $50,000 a year. Sean also credits this code with helping him turn his father’s $40,000 retirement account into $396,000.

Certain investment titans, Sean says, such as Warren Buffett and John Templeton, have already used this code to amass billions.

They said, Most U.S. primary dealers see Fed trimming purchases in March 2014: poll

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The 15 primary dealers polled offered a median estimate that the Fed would cut its purchases by $15 billion a month, a size unchanged from a Reuters poll of 18 dealers done in September.

Eight of the 15 dealers said the recent U.S. budget impasse and debt ceiling standoff had had a significant impact on the timing of the Fed’s eventual tapering of its purchases.

“The impact was significant,” said Thomas Simons, money market economist at Jefferies & Co in New York. “Were it not for the impasse, the Fed might already have tapered.”

Uncertainty about what will happen when the debt ceiling must be raised again on February 7 makes it unlikely the Fed would announce a tapering sooner than its January 28-29 meeting, he said.

An encore of October’s government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis early next year is somewhat improbable so that variable may exercise less influence on Fed policy than it did this year, said Michael Moran, chief economist at Daiwa Securities America.

“I think they’ll find a way to sidestep it,” he said. “I cannot imagine Republicans being foolish enough to have a repeat of what we had in the last month or so. I think they will come up with some kind of agreement. Certainly they won’t shut the government down. But the absence of a budget or passage of another continuing resolution would lead the Fed to be uncertain and keep quantitative easing going.”

Political crises aside, the Fed’s tapering decision will also be “data-dependent,” Jefferies’ Simons said, referring to what data show about the health of the economy.

In an early September Reuters poll, 13 of 18 primary dealers predicted the Fed would announce a reduction in its $85 billion per month of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) purchases at a September 17-18, 2013 policy meeting. That poll, too, was conducted on a day when the government reported somewhat disappointing U.S. jobs growth for the previous month.

The tepid temperature of the labor market in September affected Deutsche Bank Securities’ tapering forecast.

“Prior to the report released today we felt it was a 50-50 split between December and March, but given the weak tone of the September employment data, we think the probability has shifted to the March policy meeting for the Fed to announce a tapering,” said Carl Riccadonna, senior economist at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York.

The median of forecasts from the 15 dealers polled on Tuesday was for the central bank to initially shave $15 billion per month from its purchases, the same amount predicted in the September 6 poll. Estimates ranged from $10 billion to $20 billion on October 22, compared to $10 billion to $25 billion on September 6.

Economists were mixed on how the Fed would distribute the cuts, with a narrow majority expecting cuts in Treasury purchases to be larger than cuts in the Fed’s purchases of mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

Thirteen of the dealers polled said they believed the Fed would end the $85 billion in monthly purchases it has been making to stimulate the economy in the second half of 2014.

Of the 15 dealers who responded to the survey, 13 said they expected the Fed to raise its key federal funds interest rate in 2015 and two said the Fed would raise it in 2016.

Primary dealers serve as trading counterparties of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in its implementation of monetary policy. They are obliged to participate consistently in open market operations to carry out U.S. monetary policy formulated by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and provide the New York Fed’s trading desk with market information and analysis helpful in the formulation and implementation of monetary policy.

U.S. jobless claims miss forecasts, trade deficit widens slightly today

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Technical problems as California converted to a new computer system have distorted the claims data since September and a Labor Department analyst said claims from the backlog in California were still working their way through the system.

Economists, who had expected first-time applications to fall to 340,000 in the week ending October 19, say claims should drop back to levels consistent with a gradual labor market recovery once the backlog in California is cleared.

The four-week moving average for new claims, considered a better measure of labor market trends, rose 10,750 to 348,250.

Claims have generally been trending lower, suggesting employers are no longer laying off workers at an aggressive pace. However, hiring is being constrained by anemic domestic demand and uncertainty over fiscal policy. Employers added 148,000 new jobs in September.

“The lack of … progress on the jobs front is that we are not seeing dynamic hiring,” said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Pierpont Securities in Stamford, Connecticut. “The pace of layoffs is pretty restrained and consistent with lower unemployment. There are just not enough net jobs being added.”

A fight over the government budget and raising the debt limit partially shut down the federal government for 16 days this month. Economists estimated that shaved as much as 0.6 percentage point off annualized fourth-quarter gross domestic product growth.

The shutdown pushed up claims in recent weeks as furloughed nonfederal workers applied for benefits. Claims filed by federal employees fell 25,939 in the week ended October 12, the latest week for which more detailed data is available.

The number of people still receiving benefits under regular state programs after an initial week of aid fell 8,000 to 2.87 million in the week ended October 12.

The so-called continuing claims data covered the October household survey week from which the unemployment rate is derived. Continuing claims increased between the September and October household surveys, suggesting a rise in the unemployment rate.

But the government shutdown which lasted through the survey period could have affected the gathering of responses and resulted in a smaller sample from which to construct the jobless rate.

Separately, the Commerce Department said on Thursday the trade gap nudged up 0.4 percent to $38.8 billion. July’s shortfall on the trade balance was revised to $38.6 billion from the previously reported $39.15 billion.

When adjusted for inflation, the trade gap was little changed at $47.3 billion from July. This measure goes into the calculation of GDP. Trade made no contribution to GDP growth in the second quarter and will likely offer only a modest lift to third-quarter output.

The economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the April-June quarter, stepping up from the first-quarter’s 1.1 percent pace. Third-quarter growth estimates are currently around 2 percent.

The three-month moving average of the trade deficit, which irons out month-to- month volatility, fell to $37.3 billion in the three months to August from $39.0 billion in the prior period.

3 October 2013

This Is 10 Dividend Stocks With High Integrity

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Using my concept of Dividend Integrity, I listed twelve stocks that I thought had the potential to pay increasing dividends over time. Checking that list today, all twelve of the stocks have indeed raised their dividends year-over-year. 

How can the concept of Dividend Integrity help you as an investor right now?



Perhaps you are concerned that the Federal Reserve will commence “tapering” soon, which should cause interest rates to increase over time. Current narratives imply that any day now, most income-oriented investors will start dumping their dividend stocks in anticipation of a Fed action.

This is based on the conjecture that dividend stocks provided income in a low interest rate environment. If interest rates were to move upward, it is assumed that many of these investors will no longer see the merit of holding dividend stocks that are paying stable but static dividends per share.

One way around this is to look for stocks that have the potential to raise their dividends regardless of what actions the Fed will take. Rising dividend stocks also provide a hedge against higher interest rates, since the idea is to pick stocks that will, at a minimum, keep raising payouts to match the Fed’s hikes. I have also found that low dividend payers have the greater potential to increase their payments compared to very high yielding stocks.

My Dividend Integrity approach also may lead us to stocks that have the best balance sheets and cash flow management around. That’s because a company with a steady track record of consistently raising dividends has to honor that discipline when it makes any operating decisions. In short, these companies tend to be better managed because they want to continue their track record of steadily increasing the dividend. Better managed companies tend to have higher stock prices, too.

It’s time to update my list, so I’ve just run the Dividend Integrity Screen to identify the stocks with the best potential for raising dividends in a financially responsible manner. Four of the stocks from last year’s run dropped out, because their Integrity Ratio dipped under the threshold for inclusion (Altera ALTR -0.46%, RPC, Stryker SYK -0.32% and Union Pacific UNP -0.35%).  There are two newcomers to the list:

  • Comcast CMCSA -0.37% (CMCSA). This large cap company provides media and broadcast services—one of my favorite sectors. It has a history of raising dividends as its five year dividend growth is more than 40 percent. Comcast yields 1.7% now and I think the company has a long runway to raise dividends.
  •  Inter Parfums (IPAR). In contrast to Comcast, Inter Parfums is a small-cap company with market capitalization of under $1 billion.IPAR pays out $0.12 quarterly for a current yield of 1.6%. IPAR makes fragrances and related products. Although in a risky industry, the company has an excellent balance sheet and cash flow profile.

The other dividend stocks remain the same from last year’s list: United Health Care (UNH) increased its dividend from $0.21 to $0.28 per quarter; Aetna AET -0.22% upped its payout from $0.175 to $0.20 in January; Amerisource (ABC) boosted its quarterly dividend from $0.13 to $0.21; Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) increased its quarterly dividend from $0.24 to $0.30.

Reliance Steel (RS) bumped its dividend $.05 to $0.30 in March and then again to $0.33 in August; CVS Caremark (CVS) increased its dividend from $0.163 to $0.225 per quarter; Equifax (EFX) upped its dividend $0.04 to $0.22; and Ingredion (INGR) increased its payout $0.12 from $0.26 to $0.38 per quarter.

To see how well these stocks will do from a dividend perspective, I’ll revisit this concept again in September 2014.  See you then and happy dividend hunting!

Choice : The Best ETF Funds In The World Right Now

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Why does low cost matter? Well, for one, mutual fund fees are the major reason that most active investment funds fall short of their own benchmarks. A few outperform over the short run, but that rarely lasts.



In time, even “hot” active mutual funds end up at the bottom of the pile. The star manager moves on, the markets don’t cooperate, global events intervene.

Exceptions exist, but you and I can’t invest in those vehicles. Minimum investments are in the millions and, increasingly, esoteric funds are going private and sending money back to outside investors. Government regulations are too much trouble.

Where does that leave us? Well, if you can handle the idea of getting the benchmark return (and regularly beating “winning” active managers), then your clear choice is an ETF. But which are the best ETF funds?

Here’s a tip: Broadly speaking, it doesn’t matter. Your job as an investor is not to “pick a winner” in the ETF world. Since they are designed to track their benchmarks, you will find that over time what you really want is an ETF that does so at the lowest cost and with minimal surprises.

So, here’s how to spot a really well-run ETF:

1. Buy an ETF that’s highly liquid. The market is flooded with funds that use the ETF structure but don’t really do what ETFs traditionally do. Instead of tracking a broadly followed index they attempt to replicate illiquid assets, such as the price of oil or a short position against the market. The problem is that not very many people buy and sell them. Fewer participants means increased chances of paying too much for a fund.

2. Don’t fall for high-fee ETFs. The best ETF funds are the ones that are really upfront about their total costs. These fees should be close to the cost one would expect to pay for a comparable index fund. The lowest-cost ETFs on the market now are very close to that, as low as 0.04%. Most of the well-known ETFs charge about 0.10%, more or less. Yet there are ETFs on the market that attempt to charge 2% or more. These are generally very narrow funds tracking non-traditional assets, such as commodities. Keep it cheap and simple.

3.  Allocate and rebalance. Research shows that, over the past 15 years, investors who owned a portfolio of ETFs that included a diversity of asset classes and who rebalanced with discipline enjoyed a 1.5% premium over the broad stock market return.

Keep these three points in mind and your retirement investment portfolio will exceed your expectations, good markets or bad.

17 September 2013

Debut Bale dan Kontrak Baru CR7 Bekal Madrid Tantang Galatasaray

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Meski Ancelotti belum berani menjamin Bale akan diturunkan, namun berkat penampilan apiknya pada debut bersama El Real saat menahan imbang Villarreal 2-2, maka besar  kemungkinan gelandang asal Wales ini akan kembali diturunkan.

“Kami harus hati-hati dengan Bale dan kita akan segera memutuskan apakah dia akan bermain atau tidak pada Selasa nanti. Dia tidak punya masalah setelah debutnya tapi kami harus berpikir lebih dahulu untuk memainkannya,” kata Ancelotti dilansir Soccerway.

“Namun yang jelas dia dapat bermain di posisi gelandang serang di belakang penyerang kami,” lanjutnya.

Bagaimana dengan Ronaldo? Ancelotti menilai perpanjangan kontrak winger timnas Portugal ini di Santiago Bernabeu akan menjadi bekal berharga bagi Madrid menantang Galatasaray.

“Cristiano Ronaldo akan lebih termotivasi karena itu (perpanjangan kontrak). Saya harap penampilannya akan sama dengan yang telah ia lakukan di tahun-tahun sebelumnya,” kata Ancelotti.

PSG Tetap Menang dan Puncaki Klasemen

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Gol PSG dicetak oleh Blaise Matuidi menit 30 dan Lucas Moura menit 64. Bagi Lucas, ini menjadi gol pertamanya selama berkostum PSG.

Hebatnya, hal tersebut dilakukan di tengah minimnya persiapan tim. Beberapa bintang PSG baru tiba 11 jam sebelum pertandingan, setelah memperkuat negara masing-masing di laga internasional. Tak heran kemenangan ini langsung disambut pelatih PSG, Laurent Blanc.

“Saya pikir ada sebuah fenomena terkait persiapan dalam laga ini. Kami sebenarnya sama sekali belum siap. Kami mencoba memikirkan setiap detail dan ternyata ini permainan terbaik kami sejak awal musim,” ucap Blanc seperti dikutip Beln Sport.

“Pemain kembali kemarin pukul 18.15, tak ada persiapan dan Anda melihat hasilnya? Pelatih tak dibutuhkan!,” Blanc menambahkan.

Madrid Akan Diuji “Neraka Istanbul”

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Markas Galatasaray, Turk Telekom Arena, dianggap sebagai “Neraka Istanbul”. Julukan itu muncul karena tindakan puluhan ribu suporter Galatasaray yang selalu meneror tim tamu sepanjang pertandingan.

Ancelotti sadar Madrid tidak hanya akan melawan 11 pemain Galatasaray di lapangan. Namun, Cristiano Ronaldo dan kawan-kawan juga akan menghadapi puluhan ribu suporter Galatasaray selama 90 menit pertandingan.

“Kami punya tim dengan banyak kualitas. Tapi, kami bermain di stadion di mana atmosfernya membuat Anda merasakan tekanan luar biasa. Ini akan menjadi tes yang sangat bagus untuk karakter tim kami,” ujar Ancelotti seperti dilansir The World Game.

Musim lalu, ketika Galatasaray menjamu Madrid pada leg 2 perempat final Liga Champions, 9 April 2013, rekor penonton tercipta di Turk Telekom Arena. Ketika itu ada 52.044 penonton yang menyaksikan kemenangan 3-2 Galatasaray atas Madrid.

13 September 2013

Skill SEO Wajib Bagi Pakar SEO

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Skill SEO Wajib Bagi Pakar SEO Yang Ingin Berhasil

Bicara Pakar SEO terus terang ini sebenarnya sebutan yang sangat ekstrim bagi seseorang, dimana yang namanya pakar seo pasti tahu betul seluk beluk seo dan segala antek-antek pendukung seo tersebut. Saya pribadi sebenarnya risih kalau disebut pakar seo karena selain kedengaran gak enak dikuping, saya pribadi juga masih memiliki skill seo yang jauh dari skill seo yang wajib dimiliki pakar seo.
Skill SEO
Lalu skill seo seperti apa ya yang wajib dimiliki pakar seo?
Well, inilah Skill SEO Wajib Bagi Pakar SEO :
1. Skill Website Programming
Skill ini mutlak dibutuhkan untuk seo onpage saat hendak memperbaiki struktur halaman website yang mau diseokan. Pakar SEO bukan cuman menseokan blogspot, wordpress dan cms lainnya tapi lebih luas menyeluruh dalam artian seorang pakar seo wajib bisa memperbaiki seo onpage seluruh website yang dibuat dengan bahasa pemrograman yang berbeda satu sama lain entah itu bahasa HTML 5, PHP, ASP, Phyton dan bahasa planet lainnya yang bikin mumet kepala bagi seorang yang baru mengenal bahasa-bahasa pemrograman tersebut.
Kalau cuman mengerti blogspot berarti sebutannya hanya pakar seo blogspot, begitu juga kalau hanya mengerti wordpress sebutannya pakar seo wordpress, Namun kalau ingin disebut pakar seo maka seluruh jenis website harus bisa diperbaiki seo onpagenya mulai dari website HTML sederhana, CMS gratisan sampai kepada website custom yang dibuat dengan bahasa-bahasa planet pluto.
Dengan memiliki skill seo website programming maka akan sangat memudahkan pakar seo nantinya untuk menseokan sebuah website, baik itu memperbaiki seo onpage secara sendiri ataupun berkordinasi dengan tim programming website.
2. Skill Pencarian Search Engine
Ini skill akan sangat berguna saat hendak mencari backlink yang berkualitas untuk situs yang mau dioptimasi. Bagaimana mungkin seorang dapat menemukan backlink berkualitas kalau dia sendiri tidak tahu bagaimana cara mencarinya? jawabannya cuman 2 saja yakni diberitahu dan mencari tahu sendiri. Yang diberitahu tentu akan mentok sampai disitu saja yang diketahuinya, sedangkan yang mencari tahu tentunya akan bisa mengeksplor sendiri sehingga banyak menemukan backlink-backlink berkualitas buat sebuah situs yang hendak dioptimasi.
3. Skill Menanam Backlink
Skill yang satu ini terkait dengan bahasa program website, ada link yang bisa ditanam pake bahasa standart html, namun ada juga link yang ditanam dengan bahasa tertentu seperti BBcode dan bahasa lainnya.
4. Skill Mengatur jadwal penanaman backlink
Skill ini perlu banget loh saat menseokan seo, dimana nantinya seorang pakar seo bisa mengatur jadwal yang efisien dan seektif mungkin dalam menanam backlink. Karena dalam penanaman backlink itu bukan langsung sehari ribuan backlink, tapi ada rentang waktu untuk itu.
5. Skill Mengetahui Efek Suatu Backlink
Setiap backlink itu cuman 2 efeknya, menjatuhkan posisi dan meningkatkan posisi. Maka dari itu seseorang pakar seo harus tahu betul mana backlink yang buruk dan mana backlink yang bagus. Kalau diketahui backlink yang tertanam berdampak buruk maka seorang pakar juga harus bisa menghapus backlink tersebut atau memblok backlink tersebut.
6. Skill Skema Backlink
Dalam skill ini, seorang pakar harus tahu betul bagaimana merancang sebuah skema yang bagus untuk menaklukan search engine dan melakukannya dengan baik dan benar.
7. Skill Webmaster Tools Search Engine
Setiap search engine popuer pasti ada sebuah webmaster tools yang disediakan buat para webmaster. Untuk itulah seorang pakar seo harus tahu betul bagaimana menggunakan layanan tersebut.
Itulah skill seo wajib bagi pakar seo, dan bila ada yang kurang silahkan ditambahkan sendiri dan semoga bisa bermanfaat buat perusahaan yang hendak mencari tenaga ahli seo untuk perusahaannya.

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